The deposit on beverage containers contributes to public cleanliness and recycling but also helps alleviate poverty.

By law in Québec, when you purchase certain types of beverage drinks, you pay a deposit on the container.  This deposit is redeemable at specific locations ( ex: supermarkets).  Depending on the beverage, the deposit is 5 ¢, 10 ¢,  20 ¢ 30 ¢ or more per container.

Today in Quebec, about 55%  of all beverage containers sold in the market carry a deposit. Beverage containers carrying a deposit are: soft drinks, beer and some teas and energy drinks (aluminium cans, plastic bottles or glass bottles).

Distributers that sell and recuperate empty refundables get paid up to 2 ¢ for per container – in maintenance fees. In Québec, this corresponds to more than fifty millions returned per year to distributers for managing the return of empty refundables.  Our Coop is trying to get the accreditation from the industry and the goverment to be eligible to receive this fee.