Studies/research organised by or in collaboration with the  Coop Les Valoristes :

2021 – Cooperative Les Valoristes and the informal recycling of bottles and cans in Montreal, QC: a rapid socioeconomic livelihoods assessment
By : Jutta Gutberlet, Dare Sholanke, Katie Keats

Major studies by social organizations and academic research institutions on the issue of informal recycling and valoristes / “Binners’



GOVERNMENTAL studies and reports of private consultants on the recycling of beverage containers:


  • Québec (Canada): EtudeContBoissons-RQ-2005:  La gestion des contenants de boissons au Québec – Évaluation du marché et analyse des options de récupération (septembre 2005); RECYC-QUEBEC
  • Québec (Canada): Gestion-contenants-boissons2008: MISE EN MARCHÉ ET RÉCUPÉRATION DES CONTENANTS DE BOISSONS AU QUÉBEC (janvier 2008); RECYC-QUÉBEC
  • Alberta ( Canada) :Returning To Work ( December 2011) Jeffrey Morris, Ph.D., and Clarissa Morawski.Understanding the Domestic Jobs Impacts from and Different Methods of Recycling Beverage Containers
  • Alberta ( Canada) : Who Pays What ( August 2012) An analysis of beverage Container Collection and Costs in Canada
  • Germany ,   Reuse and Recycling Systems for Selected Beverage Packaging from a Sustainability Perspective ( June 2011) PricewaterhouseCoopers,Dr. Patrick Albrecht, Jens Brodersen, Dieter W. Horst, Miriam Scherf An analysis of the ecological, economic and social impacts of reuse and recycling systems and approaches to solutions for further development.