"My name is Marina and I have a neurological disorder that makes it difficult for me to find employment despite holding a degree in English Literature.

My disorder affects the left side of my body and has given me some minor learning disorders which make me do many things at a slower than average pace. I also need a lot of rest. Collecting refundable cans and bottles is flexible work that allows me to respect my brain and body's limits; I often use a shopping cart as a walker or cane replacement."



2015 - 2018

More than 2.5 million refundable containers collected in our Bottle Depot summer projects, mainly from valoristes (binners), but also from businesses, events and residents. Record collection, sorting and reimbursement: More than 40,000 returnable containers processed in one day in our bottle depot project in 2018!


During our second season of summer Bottle Depot under the Jacques Cartier Bridge, we organised our third special one-day collection of NON-refundable beverage containers (ex: water bottles, wine, juices)- we collected and gave 5 cents to 45,000 non-refundable containers in less than 6 hours.


Launch of Québec's first Bottle Depot project under the Jacques-Cartier Bridge.


Our second special one-day collection of NON-refundable beverage containers (ex: water bottles, wine, juices) - 25,000 non-returnable containers in less than 6 hours.


  • Foundation of the Coop Les Valoristes
  • Donation of $ 1,000 from Ken Lyotier, founder of United We Can (BC)
  • First special one-day collection of NON-refundable beverage containers (ex: water bottles, wine, juices)as part of the event ATSA End of November. With the donation of Ken Lyotier, the Coop managed to collect 7000 NON-RECORDED containers in just 2 hours!


  • Consultation of the Quebec's environmental ministry concerning its Waste management plan.
  • 2010-2015: Submission of a dissertation, via éco-quartier Peter-McGill, to the MDDEPF to ensure proper consideration of specific issues related to wastepickers (valoristes-binners) , and the existence of Project Consigne and United We Can.
  • The provincial government decided to consider the abolition of the deposit of beverage containers in the action plan of the Quebec Residual Materials Management Policy.

    Strategy 8 (French text)

  • Visit to the recycling cooperative in Sao Paulo, Brazil - Cooperlazaro

2005 - 2011

Launch of PROJET CONSIGNE — Similar to what is done in Vancouver and Brazil, but on a smaller scale, Projet Consigne was created in 2004 by Marina (binner-valoriste) and Marica (employee) at the eco-quartier Peter-McGill.

Projet Consigne offers free drop-off collection points inside downtown businesses and institutions.

Implemented in 2005, with no publicity or subsidy, this pilot project was developed with the help of a person who has difficulty integrating into the labor market, to test the possibility of implementing a bigger collection system in downtown Montreal.

After 6 years, nearly 110,000 containers have been recovered by Marina !