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Binner's Hook

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The original concept of the hook comes from the Vancouver Valoristes (Binners) and the Binner's Project

If you live in an urban area and you do not want to return your refundable beverage containers to the merchant or to our bottle depot, the Binner's Hook is perfect for you.


The idea is simple, fix the hook close to your home, put the refundable containers in a reusable bag (if possible), once filled, put the deposit bag on your hook, the day of your curbside recycling.


This allows the valoristes to collect your refundables without having to search your bin or recycling bag.

Ultimately, beyond the hook, the basic idea is to put your refundables in a bag '' aside '', this gesture allows the valoristes who roam our cities, to collect refundable containers much faster and more hygienically on days of recycling.

According to the study of Groupe interuniversitaire et interdisciplinaire de recherche sur l’emploi, la pauvreté et la protection sociale (GIREPS), University of Montreal, for 44% of valoristes the money collected through this activity is used exclusively to pay their basic needs (rent, food, transportation, etc.), an essential activity to cover their end of month costs.
The study (French)